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Thursday, December 8, 2016

More Vaccination Links for Your Research

Hope these links will help in your research in finding the TRUTH about vaccines.  I can pretty much guarantee you will never hear this information in the mainstream media.  This is only a fraction of what is available for research, but I thought they were some excellent articles and videos.

Vaccines Did Not Save Us - Charts going back to the 1800s which show the decline in diseases before and after vaccines, including Typhoid and Scarlet Fever for which there was either no vaccine, or very few got vaccinated (and those diseases are gone anyway, following the same slope down as for all the other diseases).  Excellent resource.

CDC Lists 131 Causes of Death For A Child but Omits Vaccines - And yet, vaccines are responsible for an untold (literally untold) amount of deaths.  As of now, about $3.5 billion has been paid out for deaths and injuries from vaccines.

NEW NORDIC COCHRANE CENTRE COMPLAINT DESTROYING HPV 'SAFE AND EFFECTIVE' NARRATIVE  - The Cochrane Centre is the gold standard of truthful reporting.  See how safe and effective the HPV vaccine really is.

The Flu Vaccine: Something to Sneeze At ~ by Roman Bystrianyk - Uses graphs, past data, and statistics regarding flu vaccination.  With plenty of references that you can check.  Before you believe the media and get a flu shot, you should definitely read this!

Preparing for the “Well-Baby” or “Well-Child” Visit if You Don’t Plan to Vaccinate - This article makes me wonder why even go to a well baby/child visit if you have a well baby.  Also read the comments at the bottom for exactly this question.

Doctors Disagree With Charges Against Dr. Bob Sears, Assert Vaccine Safety Is A Concern - This link relates to the letter by Edmond G. Brown Jr. referenced in the previous link regarding SB-277.  In CA, doctors are supposed to be able to give a medical exemption, but when one doctor did, read about what happened.

The Silent Epidemic, A Gary Null Production - A 1 hour 48 minute movie which pretty much summarizes all my posts about vaccines.  It's almost like I could have written it!  And a must watch before you every get yourself or anyone else vaccinated!

CDC vaccine science covers up giant conflict of interest - by Jon Rappoport, an investigative reporter for 30 years, nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, and more.

The vaccination policy and the Code of Practice of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI): are they at odds? By Lucija Tomljenovic, PhD  - A long PDF document, but with a short summary on page 43.

The Flu Vaccine–What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You (Or Probably Doesn’t Even Know) - If you're thinking of getting the flu vaccine, this is a must read.  The article is well researched and has numerous built-in links.  If you have questions, they may be answered in the comments section.

Govt. Researchers: Flu Shots Not Effective in Elderly, After All - Title says it all, but read the article if you think your parents or grandparents should get the flu shot.  I know a person in his 70s who gets the flu shot each year, and gets the flu.  He told me it would have been a lot worse if he hadn't gotten the flu.  I told him I don't get the flu shot and don't get the flu.  Didn't do any good - he believes all the propaganda.  At least I tried.

Judgment at Nuremberg Verdict - A short video clip starring Spencer Tracy - Very entertaining and informative.

Dr. Kurt: Why I Will Never Choose to Vaccinate my Own Son and Any Future Kids my Wife and I Have - Goes into his reasons by going over the research.  With charts and links.  And logic!

I have around another 50 links or more, but too numerous to put them all here.  The point is the information is out there from independent sources if you look.  INDEPENDNET SOURCES is the key phrase.  If you only get your information from the media, the vaccine makers, pro-vaccine doctors (especially pediatricians), and the government, you will be completely misinformed about the safety, effectivesness, and the harm that vaccines do.  And apply logic, reasoning, and motives to what you find.  Best of health to all of you!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

There Is No Time Machine & Where's The Outrage

NOTE:  This was going to be two blog posts, but they were so closely related, I've combined them.

Unlike some TV shows and movies (The Time Machine, etc.), in real life, time machines don't exist.  Whether they ever will, and how they might work, is a discussion for another day.  Why do I mention this?  Because of the recent election.

I was so happy that the election was finally in the past - no more political ads and no more debates.  No more negativity.  Unfortunately, I was wrong about the negativity.  Between anti-Trumpster street protests and social media, there is outrage and plenty of negativity about the election.  And lots of media coverage of the protests.  I'm sure we can all think of a thousand reasons why Trump should have lost, or why Clinton should have lost, why we should be totally stressed out, why we should be depressed, even why we might want to move to another country and on and on.  But there is no time machine....we can't go back and undo everything that has happened over the past 18 months or so.  Why protest what you can't change when there is something far more important that you can change and that is still happening and will continue to happen unless you do protest.  What might that be?  Please keep reading.

I refuse to dwell on the election (it's in the past and can't be undone) and try not to be depressed about the future as far as the election is concerned.  Besides, depression, anxiety, and stress all affect our health.  I am much more concerned about vaccinations and their relationship to our declining health in this country, and the loss of our freedom from forced medical experimentation and procedures by way of vaccines.  If you've followed my past posts, you would see why vaccinations are about health and perhaps more importantly, about your freedom.  How can you be free if the government can force a procedure on you (vaccines) that can and that have permanently injured or killed adults and their children?  Why is there outrage about the election and not about vaccines?  There is some, but nothing like we've seen with the election results.

Part of the reason, I would guess, is that the media won't cover any news story if it has the slightest negative connotation about vaccines.  When about 70% of their revenue comes from drug company advertising, I'm not surprised.

Here is a link describing Medical Fascism.  Here is the first paragraph from that link:  "Medical fascism is a totalitarian system where the medical establishment, large corporations, and government combine to exert control over the population’s medical procedures. Medical fascism is an offshoot of political fascism, and those who hold power in a medically fascist state behave in roughly the same manner. Examples of medical fascism include medical kidnapping, forced medical treatments, censoring or falsely altering the dissemination of medical information, and the elimination of medical choice, among others. Some of the more debated issues between advocates and opponents of medical fascism are vaccines, the safety and efficacy of medical procedures like chemotherapy, medical abuse, and the right of patients to make informed medical choices regarding treatment. Medical fascism is a direct violation of the four basic moral principles of medical ethics. (autonomy, beneficence, justice, and non-maleficence)."  It is also a violation of the Nuremberg Code, the Helsinki Accord, and human rights, etc.  This medical fascism is exactly what has been happening in the U.S. (and other countries as well).

A little about math and vaccines - they say only 1 in a million has a severe reaction to any one vaccine.  That is based on total vaccines given and reported vaccine reactions that were paid out by the vaccine court (don't be surprised if you never heard of it - they keep it a pretty good secret).  Because each person receives 70 vaccines through age 18, we have to divide that million by 70, so then it's down to 1 in 15,000.  Only about 1/3 of cases reported gets paid by the court, so then that 15,000 needs to be divided by 3, so now it's one in 5,000.  Now you only have a certain amount of time to file the report, plus don't forget most people don't know about the vaccine court, so maybe 1 in 10 will actually file for a settlement, so now we're down to 1 in 500.  And many people who have a reaction to vaccines don't realize it was the vaccine because most doctors deny it or attribute the deaths to SIDS, SUDS, cause undetermined or unknown cause, and other injuries to psychological causes.  So maybe we need to divide that by 50, so now we have a truer amount of about 1 in 10.  Many people will never know that their health problems (allergies, eczema, asthma, diabetes, cancer, SIDS, etc.) were caused by the vaccines they had received.  So the medical establishment will make the 1 in 10 sound like 1 in a million.  Many vaccines are totally ineffective, or perhaps may even cause the diseases they are supposed to prevent, so you're getting injured or killed for no benefit.  Where's the outrage?

Here is a link to the latest vaccine court settlements (as of Sep 2016).

Once you or your loved ones have been killed or permanently injured from a vaccine or a series of vaccines (and they are giving multiple vaccines at one time!, so multiply each one by 180), you can't go back in time and not get vaccinated.  The damage is done.  There is no time machine.

Now they are giving vaccines to pregnant women - not sure what the equivalent of that would be for the fetus.  If this woman lives in an area where there are Zika mosquitoes, any abnormalities in the newborn will be blamed on Zika, not the vaccines that contain known neurotoxins.  I guess they have to invent something for the damage they do.

It's time to let go of the past, it's time to enjoy the present, and it's time to plan for the future.  That may mean educating others (or at least trying to) in a positive way.  This is what I have been trying to do with the vaccination issue as many of you know.  And also with health, in general.

So, if you want to worry about something, and protest something, worry about and protest your loss of freedom, the permanent injury and/or death and damage to your children from forced vaccinations.  Don't worry about the election - you can't go back and change it.  Protest and demonstrate against your loss of freedom, and against medical fascism.  Otherwise, I have little doubt we will all be living in a medical dictatorship.  Trump will be the least of your worries when that happens.

Originally this post was going to contain a lot of new links, but it would have been too long, so saved that for the next post about vaccinations.  You have to ask yourself what could be the possible reason that anyone would be against vaccines if they were safe and effective?  I'm sure if they were, everyone would be lining up for them like kids in a candy shop.  On the other hand, why are they trying to force them on us?  What is the motive for that?  And why no liability for those who make them and give them?  After doing the research from INDEPENDENT soures, only money and greed come to mind.  At least I hope it's no more evil than that.  Protest and be outraged by this.  Contact your representatives.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Photography - RAW vs JPG

The topic of RAW vs JPG seems to come up a lot.  When I first started with digital cameras, I shot only JPG, but the more I read about the differences as well as advantages, the more I started shooting in RAW format.

JPG's are quicker to download from the camera to the computer and much smaller files, but with today's computers and cameras, and storage devices, those concerns are no longer, well, a concern.  The main difference between RAW and JPG is the fact that anyone shooting a JPG, even if they do shoot an image perfectly in-camera has just arbitrarily thrown away 16,129 tones (per color channel) in the print and kept only 255.  When you toss forty-eight thousand tones or colors, which seems like a bad decision, even if you don't do any post-processing, your image may not look quite as good as it could.  And if you do edit, you will be throwing away even more information, which can result in unwanted artifacts in the print/file.  So needless to say, I always shoot in a RAW format.  The more times you edit an image, the more information you discard, and that can lead to deterioration of the image.  If you've even seen uneven gradations in an image, that is what has happened.  It's usually more visible in monotone areas, like the sky, or a plain wall.  Or, even worse, you may end up with a portrait with a blotchy face.  Another advantage to RAW is if you accidentally do not expose the image perfectly, you have a better chance of getting a decent result.  Plus I have found I can even out the highlights and shadows a bit more.  This is especially needed if the lighting is terrible and you are unable to change it.

What about processing the RAW images?  Well, with Lightroom (which I use) and other software programs, it's pretty easy.  After you see the images that come out of your camera, you can edit them and apply presets (instructions within Lightroom telling it what you want it to do to an image) to all your photos at once (assuming the conditions they were taken in are the same).  Then you can export them as JPG files to save disk space.  Once they are perfect or the best you can make them, then you may want to delete the RAW files, or put them on an external hard drive for storage.  I just saw one on sale - a 4 TB drive for $109.00 - enough to hold more RAW files than you will probably ever take.

Most cameras can shoot both RAW and JPG at the same time, which might be a good way for you to compare the two.  With some Nikon cameras, there is room for two memory cards, and you can record RAW on one and JPG on the other.  With other cameras, these would be on the same card and would take up a lot of space so you might want to get a card with more memory.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Smart Photo Software

Just bought a new software program called Smart Photo.  I'm experimenting with it and was impressed how easy and quick it works for at least some things, such as dropping in a new sky.  Below is an original photo from when I was little - with a pretty plain sky in the background, and then the new sky.  There were around 1,000 different skies to choose from.  It can do a lot more (such as remove objects, etc.), but will have to wait to post more as I experiment.

Original (shot at Jones Beach, NY) of my brother and me.

With some clouds added in and then converted to B&W - notice, too, that I was able to lighten the faces.  The color to B&W was done with Lightroom. 

With the clouds in color, which is interesting.

Hope you've enjoyed seeing these.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Your Health and Freedom

The elections are over - Finally!  Some love the results, and some hate them, but they can't be changed, so time to move on and think about what is most important in your life and what can be done to make it better.  For me, health is number one.  If that is also a major concern for you, then the FDA, CDC, Department of Agriculture, and any agencies that affect our health need to be reformed and corruption needs to be eliminated from those agencies.

The U.S. is only one of two countries that allow drug companies to advertise (the other being New Zealand).  About 109,000 people die each year in the U.S. from properly prescribed prescription drugs, and at least some of those deaths are no doubt a result of this advertising policy.  Here is an article about just one class of drugs (pain killers) - Link.  The other problem with allowing this advertising is that the drug companies, for all practical purposes, dictate what the media can report on regarding their products.  When was the last time you saw a negative comment about vaccines in the media?  Go to the internet, and you'll find plenty.

I've covered vaccinations in great detail on this blog over the past year (I've spent hundreds of hours researching this subject).  They are responsible for untold injuries and deaths (literally untold, in many cases), but instead of making them safe or voluntary, the opposite is being done - making them mandatory and they are definitely not safe (regardless of what you hear in the media or from most doctors, and especially pediatricians, not to mention the drug companies themselves).  A big reason for that is that the drug companies are not liable when it comes to vaccinations, nor are those who inject innocent children with the toxins that they contain.  No studies have been done on multiple vaccines given at one time, which means the government is allowing or forcing medical experiments on people, which goes against the Nuremberg Code and medical ethics.  It is a human rights violation and loss of freedom.  Let me repeat this - Medical Experimentation on citizens and Loss of Freedom - what, when, or where does that remind you of?

The U.S. has the highest infant mortality of any developed nation (perhaps due to vaccinations?). Autism has become an epidemic, going from less than 1 in 10,000 in the 1970s to about 1 in 50 now.   About our life expectancy and health - check the statistics on this and you'll see at least 30-35 countries do better than the U.S.  Why?  Corruption at the FDA and CDC, which push vaccines and drugs, plus other corrupt government agencies which allow (promote?) pollution, pesticides, fluoride in our water, poor diets with more chemicals, etc.  It's surprising we live as long as we do.  And if we factor out smoking, cancer rates are rising, and more cancers are happening at a younger age.

What about medicine?  This Link of statistics should give you something to think about before your next doctor or hospital visit.

Sometime in my next few posts I will give a list of some new links.  It is my hope that you will do some research from independent sources and from the many links I have posted.

The following is a little off-topic, perhaps, but something to think about.

Did you know the U.S. has the highest percent of its population in prison than any other country, except for Seychelles.  Here is a link to a Chart showing that.   Shouldn't someone try to figure out why this is and make some changes?  Could it be partially caused by drugs and vaccines that damage our central nervous system?

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Vaccines, Nuremberg, and Freedom

Here is a movie clip from the 1961 movie, Judgement at Nuremberg.  At 6:16 of the video, Spencer Tracy said, "This is what we stand for, justice, truth, and the value of a single human being."  From the trials came the Nuremberg Code.

Vaccinations are medical experiments.  No long term studies have been done, and no studies of multiple vaccines given at once have been done.  In fact, it could be said that no true studies have ever been done, because the "studies" that have been done don't use true placebos, they discard data they don't like, and they are much too short in length of time.  Check this link about vaccine testing.  In the U.S., they won't even do a comparative study about the health of those vaccinated vs those who haven't been vaccinated.  In Europe they have, and those who were not vaccinated are so much healthier.

One more point for now - most adults do not get vaccinated, and by the time they are in there 30s, most, if not all, of the vaccines they had received will no longer be protecting them.  If you believed the pro-vaccine crowd, all those adults should be getting sick and dying from widespread multiple vaccine preventable diseases.  Do you know anyone who this has happened to?  It would be all over the news.  Ergo, this is not happening, so when they say all these diseases will come back if we stop vaccinating, that is a myth.

Getting back to Nuremberg - they conducted those trials and made the code so the horrors of medical experiments would never happen again.  And similar to Nuremberg are the Helsinki Accord and Geneva Convention.

Mandatory vaccines go against these agreements.  And the new NPRM - Notice of Proposed Rule Making can allow the CDC to force any vaccine on anyone.  Here is a summary of NPRM.

Between these two things (mandatory vaccines and the NPRM) the U.S. will be where Germany was before then Nuremberg Trials - forced medical experiments and procedures with no say (sounds a bit like Germany under Hitler).  If they can do this, what's to stop them from forcefully drugging people, or ??????  Freedom will be a thing of the past.

Once again, please do your research from independent sources.  In past posts, I've supplied well over 100 links to reputable sites of doctors, immunologists, researchers, health organizations, etc.  Plus sites of anecdotal evidence, VAERS, and even the CDC.  In a post coming up, I will list many more links regarding vaccines - hope you will read those that interest you.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

My Experience with the Flu Vaccine

I joined the US Air Force many years ago, and during basic training they required everyone to line up for the flu vaccine - no choice given.  They did not give any information about possible side effects or what ingredients were being shot into your arm (literally shot, with the flu gun).  I just remember extreme pain in my arm about 10 seconds after the shot, and then being sick for the following three days.  Mild fever, achy, feeling generally terrible.  I have no doubt it was a direct result of the shot.  Something else happened that at the time I didn't connect to the shot.  About a week or two after the shot, the tips of my fingers starting showing little red dots on them, and after several days of this, the skin started peeling off and my finger tips were red and raw - so bad, it got me out of KP.

Needless to say, I never got another flu shot, nor any other vaccines.  And now, thanks to a healthy diet and supplements, I never get the flu.  In fact, I haven't even had a cold for the past 5 plus years.  But if you believe the vaccine pushers, you would have thought I would have gotten pneumonia, meningitis, hepatitis, the flu every year, and be dead by now.

No one knows if the flu shot is effective or how effective it might be.  Why?  Most people aren't tested to see if they have the flu or some other similar virus.  And the flu virus mutates, so the vaccine may be for the wrong strain.  But what is known is that the side effects are going to affect a certain percent of people, and some of those will be life threatening.  There's no way to know ahead of time, and once something happens, you can't undo the shot.  What are the possible side effects?  Make sure you read the actual package insert (the one that's several pages long) to read the list.  Then you can make an informed decision.

For me, maintaining a strong and healthy immune system is so much better.  In my next post on this subject, I'll be adding a lot of new links for your further research.  There are some really good articles out there.